July 19th, 2014: My Political Cartoon today: Putin’s Power.
July 19th, 2014 by Rob Smith, Jr.


I do feel that Putin is challenging the power of the west. He’s doing it well do to the West being so lost in poor leadership and home based problems. At this rate Putin could rightly take the mantel as the world’s leading power.

The version above was not the first I did. I was listening to The Five and the Kelly File on Fox News and I pictured this scene and started drawing it. As I got close to finishing the cartoon, I realized it just didn’t work and went back and did the version above. With a head for sequential storytelling, I want to layout a meaningful stage to place the characters in with lots of detail.  These days, I need to work as simple as possible and get the message across. Hope the cartoon above worked!


I’m, backed up with cartoons to send. And the brilliant Ken Culotta called me today with more ideas! I’ll get a few out in the next few days. Tomorrow’s will be one that Ken called me about.

Please feel free to forward and post these as you would like.
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