August 27, 2010 – Restoring Honor
Aug 31st, 2010 by Rob Smith, Jr.


Decided to bookend Glenn Beck’s Restoring Honor event with two cartoons. One today and the next on Tuesday.

This one was entirely drawn within the Photoshop program.

August 24, 2010 – Home Invasion
Aug 25th, 2010 by Rob Smith, Jr.


We have been pummeled in Florida by political phone calls. Specifically what are known as “robo-calls”, which are automated phone calls where you pick up the phone and no one is there except some digitally enhanced voice hawking some candidate. I’ve been fuming about it. It wasn’t until I saw Facebook posts about the issue from three friends (G.K. Sharman, Jennifer Huber & I can’t remember who the other is) that I realized I wasn’t alone and made this cartoon.

Fantasy of a Madman by Trudy Nash
Mar 25th, 2010 by Rob Smith, Jr.


My friend, Trudy Nash, drew this hilarious cartoon of ‘Fantasy of a Madman’.
Here’s Trudy’s website.

November 13, 2009 – Glenn Beck Schedule
Nov 19th, 2009 by Rob Smith, Jr.


Thanks to J.R. Griggs for this gag. Culotta and I had kicked this idea around but couldn’t get the wording right. J.R. nailed it! Thanks, J.R.!

October 11, 2009 – The Velvet Snowstorm #3
Oct 11th, 2009 by Rob Smith, Jr.

I couldn’t get The Velvet Snowstorm website to take this right now, so I’m putting it here.

September 22, 2009 – Obama’s ACORNs
Sep 25th, 2009 by Rob Smith, Jr.


A fellow who insists on missing the obvious.

Each time Glenn has a new book come out I’ve slipped it in the cartoon. Usually Jacob or Taylor is involved. This time they didn’t fit and Obama is on his own…well, with a whooooole lot os ACORNs again.

Glenn Beck tops bestseller charts
Nov 21st, 2008 by Rob Smith, Jr.

A nod to Glenn Beck’s new book, The Christmas Seater, and Glenn nabbing the  #1 spot on the New York Times best seller list and just what King’s “friends” might do about it.

Glenn Beck moderates VP Debate
Oct 3rd, 2008 by Rob Smith, Jr.


I was originally going to put someone more middle of the road that leans conservative, and then realized that this being on Glenn’s website, it should be Glenn. Being familiar with Glenn’s movements made it easier to draw how he might look in this situation. This was fun to draw, though I admit my Chris Matthews drawing is a bit shaky.

Glenn Beck’s new hobby
Jun 13th, 2008 by Rob Smith, Jr.


Below is the inked version. I added the lettering using Photoshop.

Glenn has been barking alot about drilling for oil in Alaska and off the Florida coast. I just figured that Glenn has just way too much free time. He’s just doing a radio show, an hour long TV show (What’s wrong with a three hour TV show, too???), a live comedy show all over the country (Cleary snubbing the rest of the planet), a monthly magazine, finishing one book and working on others…oh, yeah, and there’s that whole family thing….Certainly he could pursue other endeavors. So, here’s an idea I had.


Glenn Beck’s Super Stu!
May 30th, 2008 by Rob Smith, Jr.

We’re home a few days from New Orleans only to leave again for Arkansas. Both of us pretty sick. Here’s today’s Glenn Beck cartoon.2008-0530-superstu-chris.jpg

To better explain the Super Stu cartoon: Glenn Beck’s head writer, Stu, observed juveniles stealing handfuls of Jolly Rogers candies at a store. Instead of calling Homeland Security, as any Patriot would do, he let the death-dealing criminal masterminds get away, leaving the rest of us to lock our doors at night for fear of our lives. There was much banter of this during Glenn’s Thursday program and here is my depiction of how Super Stu should defend the world. I should also mention that Stu is a – GASP! – A vegetarian!

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