December 28th, 2010 – More Bad Picks by soon-to-be Governor Scott?
Dec 29th, 2010 by Rob Smith, Jr.

Paula Dockery posted the following story on Facebook. Click on the link to read the story. Below are my comments.

Scott hires Indiana’s Edwin Buss to head Florida Department of Corrections; Walmart’s Bryan Koon as Emergency Management chief

Sorry to sound like a Gloomy Gus,but here’s more evidence that Scott is out of touch with Florida. Heck, I raise the question if he has ever been in touch with the state. He continues with the attitude of too many other carpet baggers that what worked one place will work here. That can be the case. In Florida’s history, that has been a very bad direction to go in.

Indiana’s crime rate vs. Florida’s is like comparing a bad pick pocket to a successful serial killer. I’d love to be the fly on the wall as this fellow Scott wants begins to take in the vast complexities of the crimes, people and landscape of Florida. I wonder if he might not bailout a year from now… or some such.

I’ve been involved in some emergency management issues. A cut rate approach might just shut down a questionable project we’ve boiled way too much money in with even more questionable results. Good to see the fellow is from the Navy in that most of our mostly likely worse disasters are bound to involve water. I hope he reads a lot of Florida history fast about how we got to where we are and that we are sewed together by a fine tether of rivers, lakes and streams… and that those also happen to be part of our water supply.

August 24, 2010 – Home Invasion
Aug 25th, 2010 by Rob Smith, Jr.


We have been pummeled in Florida by political phone calls. Specifically what are known as “robo-calls”, which are automated phone calls where you pick up the phone and no one is there except some digitally enhanced voice hawking some candidate. I’ve been fuming about it. It wasn’t until I saw Facebook posts about the issue from three friends (G.K. Sharman, Jennifer Huber & I can’t remember who the other is) that I realized I wasn’t alone and made this cartoon.

August 15, 2010 – War in Afghaniatsn
Aug 15th, 2010 by Rob Smith, Jr.

Bob Schieffer on ‘Face the Nation’ spoke today of his friend Melvin Laird, former Defense Secretary of Nixon’s from 1969 to 1973, who speaks concern of America’s war in Afghanistan. His concern if that we are looking to Nationalize a country that lives as autonomous tribes.

I agree and it is why we will eventually fail in Afghanistan. Our country continues to view the rest of the planet as something to Americanize. It’s a nice idea, but as Paul Harvey always said: We are not one world. To pretend that people can be just like us is to make the fatal errors we made with the American indians.

I’ve been studying the fate of the Florida Seminoles in the past few months and it is astounding how stupid our country was to marginalize a group and throw money to solve a perceived problem. All we ended up doing is move around a “problem” for real estate investors with the American people holding the purse. Too many taxpayer dollars disappeared into various Government projects claiming to be for the American indians but really went to buy and sell land and large drainage projects.

The similarity is that the Seminoles wanted nothing to do with the American government, it’s money or it’s land. After a few decades of pushing, the Seminoles took it and found themselves addicted to government money. I’m concerned we’re doing it again in Iraq and Afghanistan. Democracies are good, but that is not the culture these folks live. Though it may happen to some extent initially, in the end these countries are sure to be as they have for centuries.

I would love to see more freedom and democracy, but let’s clean up our own area within our own borders first… one being by firmly establishing our own borders…. before dictating others… that is, IF even we can.

February 5, 2010 – Vision
Feb 14th, 2010 by Rob Smith, Jr.


Obama sure has proven that with a lack of education you sure can’t see past the end of your nose.

Written by Ken Culotta.

October 11, 2009 – The Velvet Snowstorm #3
Oct 11th, 2009 by Rob Smith, Jr.

I couldn’t get The Velvet Snowstorm website to take this right now, so I’m putting it here.

October 7, 2009 – Good-bye Jefferson/Jackson, hello Kennedy/Graham
Oct 8th, 2009 by Rob Smith, Jr.

Hillsborough County, Florida, dumps their annual dinner name for a name less controversial…That is, if you’re ignorant of history.

Here’s the story:

Good-bye Jefferson/Jackson, hello Kennedy/Graham

Here’s my commentary:

OK, so Jefferson and Jackson had some questionable decisions. But the Democrats would stare at a few mistakes and ignore the overall human being.

One that was the first territorial Governor of Florida and a reason why Americans are in the state at all. The other being a father of our country, who actually had the guts to fight for the liberties so that we can write what we’re writing here in this great country to begin with????

So they pick a former President who used more beds than a Sealey Posturepedic factory. Graham is OK, but why group him with that nasty Kennedy group. I’m setting aside that Graham’s family dredged and filled part of the Everglades for Miami Lakes and now Bob hugs trees. Hey, Bob! Wanna help the trees? Tear down those lousy homes, refill the land and help save the ‘Glades!

More reasons why the Democrats are a mess.

June 16, 2009 – Obama’s Golf Games!
Jun 22nd, 2009 by Rob Smith, Jr.


This guy is slick! How can you golf during a tumultuous weekend like this and the press doesn’t interrupt you? This cartoon almost seems to support the President’s activities. I hope it leaps to someone’s mind that Bush was pummeled for even holding golf clubs during less trying times. Is Obama the new Teflon President?

Below is the pencil drawing. It was tough getting the motion lines to work in the color version.


June 9, 2009 – Stimulus Package in Action.
Jun 13th, 2009 by Rob Smith, Jr.


I actually penciled this back in February and inked it on an airplane going from London to Washington, D.C. I waited on this to use while we were gone. I sent this from our hotel room in Charleston, South Carolina.

This what I see happening. Stimulus money going to a select group of workers in the road building industry, while the rest of us are stuck in the traffic snarls they cause. I’ve been there and watched this stuff happen. Much worse that even more of my tax dollars are used to perpetuate these sweetheart deals of unneeded, costly roads that go on for miles so that the road builder makes an even larger profit.

May 18, 2009 – Dr. Seuss is the antithesis of Darwin
May 19th, 2009 by Rob Smith, Jr.

I came across this story from a friend on Facebook.

As someone who has extensively studied the history and ideas and ideals of evolutionary theory, I find this fellows column and what he writes about rather hilarious. To imagine Darwin, or any theorist embracing natural selection to say,” Let’s save WhoVille.” is preposterous. The whole idea of evolution is some stay, some go. That’s how you grow. If you leave room for emotion, you get in the way of the process that would otherwise occur.

Geisel’s stories were doused in sentimental jib-jab. I love his stories as the stories they are. But in the context of heralding natural selection, Geisel wrote to thwart it. He was pretty persistent in the idea of all must be saved. That is neither natural nor evolutionary.

Folks like Darwin, Linnaeus, Buffon, Lamarck, plus so many others invested much time and effort over long periods of time to lead to theories still tested today. The more they learned the more their ideas had semblance of sense. It was time and effort. Trial and error. That is what produced volumes of material. All far more extensive and involved than a Geisel short children’s book.

I believe to be creative it takes that time and effort. That trial and error. The more you learn and try to know the more creative you can be. It’s much like in Scrabble. You get a random series of letters and are supposed to assemble a word out of it. You can only piece together words, if you know the words beforehand. The article rambled more about making up the words. Points aren’t earned with made up words. You have to work to know those possibilities. Reading and learning.

Creativity comes from the more knowledge gained the more you can play in your head to then pick up pencil, paintbrush, trumpet, dance shoes and explore the possibilities with the knowledge gained. Painting a building takes knowledge of building and some sense of architecture. Most artists use reference for such. The more they know beforehand , the less the reference is needed. Someone lacking that information is flat out of luck. They’ll just make it up and the final piece will show that lack of knowledge. Thus the informed trumps the ill informed. Move the weaker away as the stronger survives.

Evolutionary theory is hardly understood today. The media and special interest groups have watered it down to be about humans coming from monkeys. Something Darwin himself only touched on in his volumes written. Or you have those on the left trying to fit their bleeding heart square peg in the evolutionary hypothesis round hole. More and more Darwin’s brutal theories are being fluffed for a more cry baby audience. It is sad that these anniversaries are being recognized as the bastardization of Darwin’s work is continued. My theory is that better left alone or have it destroyed.

April 15, 2009 – Light Rail Press Madness!
Apr 21st, 2009 by Rob Smith, Jr.


Sorry this is out late. The above was in The Orlando Sentinel Wednesday, April 15th. Oddly enough Tax Day.

The Sentinel wants the light rail. They have never cared who pays for it. They know private business refuses to pay for it becausee they have been vocal to say they know they can’t make any money from it. It’s a money loser. The private business, though, will take the tax dollars, make a mint of dough and then knowingly create a white elephant that the tax payer gets stuck with. They are just being capitalists.

So is the Sentinel. The difference: The Sentinel is supposed to have ethics and keep their opinions on the editorial pages. They just see add revenue and couldn’t care less otherwise. The photo to the left is of a pleasant looking Lee Constantine taking the Sentinel’s side. And then on the other side is an angry Paula Dockery now not taking the Sentinel’s side.

I should not be able to look at the cover of any newspaper with any journalistic ethics and see their political preferances. Yet here it is. I don’t want to see newspapers go away. But this kind of mess is almost worse.

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