August 20, 2010 – Obama and the Wave
Aug 22nd, 2010 by Rob Smith, Jr.


There goes Obama! Isn’t he havin’ FUN!!??!! And not one press person around!

I have been recently slammed with work and divorce legal issues and was going to pass on both cartoons this week. I quickly knocked this out Thursday night. Entirely done with Photoshop.

April 23, 2010 – Obama’s Economic View
Jun 4th, 2010 by Rob Smith, Jr.


March 9, 2010 – No Money? No Medical Service!
Mar 24th, 2010 by Rob Smith, Jr.


Something like an experience I’ve had recently. This is all about protecting the insurance companies and giving doctors and the pharmaceutical companies cover to not have to lower prices. Lowering prices by the latter two would eliminate the need for insurance or lawyers that feed off of medical problems.

I was trying to illustrate my predicament in a broad way and get the idea across that the insurance companies are the muscle for the docs. Then here comes a Federal version of the same muscle making even more trouble.

February 2, 2010 – Toyota Brakes
Feb 14th, 2010 by Rob Smith, Jr.


A less politically sensitive cartoon. Going more for a belly laugh. Of course, written by Ken Culotta!

January 15, 2010 – Deal with the Devil
Jan 19th, 2010 by Rob Smith, Jr.


Click here and you can watch me draw the original cartoon for January 15th. Dick Daniels joins me and talks politics, too. I realized my concerns were too much and I scrapped it and zipped out the above instead. The cartoon above was entirely done using Photoshop.

November 3, 2009 – Obama’s Major Crop Accomplishment Since the Election
Nov 4th, 2009 by Rob Smith, Jr.


The greatest result Obama has accomplished while President.

Inked on the pencils. Had a tough time deciding how much ‘conservative’ should take up flower area. I condiered loading the area with farm equipment and then decided to simplify.

October 23, 2009 – Executive Pay Cut
Oct 23rd, 2009 by Rob Smith, Jr.


So Washington talks of roping in executive pay. So executives will play the usual games by shifting positions to miss the purse string ties.

I had a fellow in mind as the janitor. I was working where he was a few months ago. That really helped get the distinctive look of the janitor vs. the executives.

October 16, 2009 – Obama’s Banking Trobles
Oct 18th, 2009 by Rob Smith, Jr.


Ken Culotta wrote this.

This sums up Obama’s run in office at this time. He has a Nobel Prize to show for his actions.

I penciled and inked this on paper. I inked right on the pencils, so the pencils were erased.

Keeping the dollars flowing
Nov 14th, 2008 by Rob Smith, Jr.

What the heck are we doing????????????? Repeating the mistakes of the 1920s seems what we’re doing. The banks have cool secrecy laws that help them hide where money is shifted and stored. The laws were created by heavily lobbied legislators to stop any potential panic that might occur if Americans learned …the rest of the story.

So we Americans are kept in the dark, hand the banking industry our cash and trust they will do good with it. Hopefully they are. In the 1920s they weren’t so good. Again the Teasury worked with the banks to bankings interest. The Justice Department also leaned in bankings favor as bankings top dogs, certain investors and others on lower rungs made off with lots and lots of other peoples cash. It was an internal looting. Few were prosecuted.

Hopefully that is not happening now. Though ditching that much cash into a murky industry as banking sure must be tempting. The sad part is that we’ll probably never know.

Crushed by banks and mortgages
Sep 30th, 2008 by Rob Smith, Jr.


As I feel. It may crush me, but it’s for the betterment of our country. Everytime we’ve played with socialism, it grows only larger and wipes us out in other ways. It bothers me to see such foolishness going on. Such as an arrogant untrained Obama and the fools who, with pure greed, hurt us as Americans.

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