Jume 18, 2010 – Unwanted Spills
Jun 21st, 2010 by Rob Smith, Jr.


This comparison occurred to me and thought I would draw it.

Actually little is drawn here. This one of the simplest cartoons I’ve done in a while.

June 15, 2010 – Obama the Talker
Jun 21st, 2010 by Rob Smith, Jr.


Again, i don’t think Obama is all that bright. Odd that I wrote this before his speech and his first speech from the Oval Office was of similar substance.

June 4, 2010 – Obama’s Gulf
Jun 4th, 2010 by Rob Smith, Jr.


May 28, 2010 – Clogging Pipes
Jun 4th, 2010 by Rob Smith, Jr.


May 4, 2010 – Obama and Oil
Jun 4th, 2010 by Rob Smith, Jr.


April 13, 2010 – A New Platform
Apr 15th, 2010 by Rob Smith, Jr.


After there was much talk about “Drill, baby! Drill!”, I got tons of e-mails from environmental groups out to stop the idea. This time the President of the United States actually states that is his goal is to drill in a vastly larger area than Bush and I have yet to get even 1 e-mail.

Another written by Ken Culotta. I did a quick version of the oil platform. Those are VERY complicated. I added the oil slick for good measure. I forgot to record the pencils and inks for this cartoon.

Slippery words
Aug 5th, 2008 by Rob Smith, Jr.


He’s slipping and sliding on many issues. Oil is the latest.

Dinosaur discovery
Jun 20th, 2008 by Rob Smith, Jr.


I always love another dinosaur discovery! It occurred to me that where there’s dinosaurs, there’s oil! Thus the cartoon. I’d be more like the fellow with the bone, more interested in the dinosaur than the oil.

Glenn Beck’s new hobby
Jun 13th, 2008 by Rob Smith, Jr.


Below is the inked version. I added the lettering using Photoshop.

Glenn has been barking alot about drilling for oil in Alaska and off the Florida coast. I just figured that Glenn has just way too much free time. He’s just doing a radio show, an hour long TV show (What’s wrong with a three hour TV show, too???), a live comedy show all over the country (Cleary snubbing the┬árest of the┬áplanet), a monthly magazine, finishing one book and working on others…oh, yeah, and there’s that whole family thing….Certainly he could pursue other endeavors. So, here’s an idea I had.


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