August 3, 2010 – Pelosi Swamped
Aug 3rd, 2010 by Rob Smith, Jr.


As this bubbles up, Pelosi and friends are in trouble.

March 23, 2010 – Obama Cereal
Mar 24th, 2010 by Rob Smith, Jr.


Get the prize and ignore what it costs to get something free. I wanted to slip in my prediction being correct that the medical stocks would all start to rise dramatically after the health care plan got passed.

Here’s the cartoon on Glenn Beck’s website.

Drawn fast. I felt in good shape this day and I think it shopws in my drawing. Below is the recording of my pencils and inks.

March 16, 2010 – The King could turn Lame Duck early…
Mar 24th, 2010 by Rob Smith, Jr.


No health care = Massive losses in November for Democrats and Obama suddenly becomes less welcome at Democrat fund-raising opportunities. Obama can’t have that happen. Appearances are his entire stock and trade. So Pelosi will have to keep her track record in tack and get this through and save Obama from having to figure out what to do if ha can’t hit the campaign circuit.

I was having a bad day when I went at this and basically botched it. While drawing on UStream, viewer Jared Sloger flagged me on the original cartoon, thank goodness. I trashed the first and re-approached the subject very quickly and knocked out the pencil and ink of above. Thanks, Jared!

Below is the stream for the cartoon above:

Below is the first attempt. Please excuse all of my frustration.

Novermer 10, 2009 – Healthcare rammed through
Nov 11th, 2009 by Rob Smith, Jr.


Captain Nancy’s ignore’s the people’s voice and the 9/12 – Tea Party efforts and rams the mess through.

This was one of three cartoons that were going to appear Friday until the Fort Hood tragedy hit the news Thursday night. I pencilled and inked this last Thursday with Photoshop colors added Monday night.

Nancy Pelosi meets the Pope
Feb 22nd, 2009 by Rob Smith, Jr.

Stimulus Collateral?
Feb 17th, 2009 by Rob Smith, Jr.

It’s the least he could do for the rest of us.

Then there will be those who supported him that’ll be mighty mad that the “Stimulus bill” authroized 17,000 troops to Afghanistan. Nothing new to me. I wrote about this coming many times on this blog. Obama talked about it many times during the campaign. And he’s only getting started. I repeat: Welcome to Bush3. Some of his supporters may soon wish for him to put himself up as collateral for a loan. : )

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