Democrats on the Hunt!
Jan 26th, 2017 by Rob Smith, Jr.

Top Democrats had a meeting this past weekend here in #Florida to plot the death of the GOP elephant. ~SHUDDER!~

Even Keith Olbermann was there!
And we weren’t invited! 😀

October 31st, 2014 – American Epilepsy Society gives evidence to Vote No on 2 in Florida !
Oct 31st, 2014 by Rob Smith, Jr.

American Epilepsy Society releases report presenting testing of cannabis/”marijuana” and it’s inability to stop pain and suffering.
Something you won’t see from the Big Money Marijuana Gang.

Then why are Floridians having to consider to vote for it?

Big Money Marijuana, Wall Street and Lawyers look to make Big Money from poor taxpayers.

Vote No on Amendment 2!

As I keep trying to point out, studies involving the effectiveness of marijuana has yet to yield significant empirical results. We’re a long, long way from knowing what cannabis can do in medical situations with humans, much less rats. Let’s not let Florida be a giant cage of lab rats.

Here’s more to back that up from one of the specific groups the Big Money Marijuana Gang claim they can help:

October 23rd, 2014 – “…and Other Conditions.”
Oct 24th, 2014 by Rob Smith, Jr.

Amend2-BrokenNailsBrokenAmendmentOctober 23rd, 2014 –

October 23rd, 21014 – Zoning in Zoning Out – Vote No on Amendment 2 in Florida!
Oct 23rd, 2014 by Rob Smith, Jr.


Something not being talked about is that the attempts by local government to limit “medical” marijuana stores in Florida will be met by lawsuits. The amendment is very clear about stores and the pro-2 crowd lawyers have been very clear they will sue any attempt to alter the language of the amendment.

As someone who worked in planning in government, I can tell you these stores have to be considered low-impact, retail stores, as with any pharmacy, if the constitutional amendment 2 becomes law. These will appear in areas near schools and residential areas. That cannot be stopped unless other medical facilities are also rezoned. Imagine kicking out Tampa General, Raulerson Hospital, Baptist Medical Center, any of the Sacred Heart or Florida Hospitals. These are all beside or very near residential areas and schools. So can the “medical” marijuana stores.

You may have noticed little pharmacies popping up in your area of Florida in the past year. They are preparing for amendment 2 to pass. Expect most to convert to also selling “medical” marijuana.

Likely this will cost taxpayers millions and millions as foolish politicians try to fight where “medical” marijuana shops can go. And you wonder why lawyers are trying to get it passed?

July 17th, 2014 – Activist Judge trumps Florida voters and homosexuals can marry in Florida.
Jul 17th, 2014 by Rob Smith, Jr.

Judges continue to obliterate the votes of the Citizens of Florida. We vote for a ban of homosexual marriage in 2008 and some judge way down in Monroe County decides for everyone from Key West to Okeechobee to Tampa to Jacksonville to Tallahassee to Pensacola that we don’t know as much as he does.

You must pay attention to the judges you vote it! That and any judge who thinks they can trump the majority will of a state needs to be removed from their judicial seat.

January 10, 2011 – Florida the Coruption State
Jan 10th, 2011 by Rob Smith, Jr.

Glad to see the editorial below from the Lakeland Ledger. It’s the story from the Ocala Star-Banner that is an example of the editorial.  Funny how the Star Banner did not carry the editorial in that both are owned by the New York Times and share stories.

There is no need for either bridges to cross US 75 near Ocala. Both are payoffs to developers who should buy their own bridge. Or AT LEAST build their projects and see if one is needed if they can fill the projects. Tax payers should not take the burden of fly-by-night developers.


Pervasive State Corruption: Florida Corruption Tax

Published: Monday, January 10, 2011 at 12:01 a.m.  The Lakeland Ledger

A statewide grand jury declared Dec. 28 that corruption in Florida is”pervasive at every level of government,” and that new laws and ethic regulations are needed to stem the erosion of the public trust and “the theft and mismanagement” of the public treasury.

Moreover, the costs resulting from “fraud, waste and abuse of state resources” is so much a part of a government pay-to-play culture that the 18-person grand jury said it amounts to “a Florida corruption tax” on residents.

Read the rest of the editorial by clicking here


Editorial: The wrong interchange

Published: Friday, January 7, 2011 at 6:30 a.m.

Once again, opponents of the proposed 95th Street-Interstate 75 interchange turned out en masse at Tuesday’s Marion County Commission meeting. And once again, the commission waffled on its long-term intentions but did not waffle on its intent to keep the project moving forward.

Commissioners voted to spend another $78,000 for consultants — who have received a total of $308,000 so far — to update an ongoing “justification” report for a $30 million-plus project that has little public support and, importantly, no identified financial support.

Read the rest of the story by clicking here

January 4th, 2010 – Brain Removal
Jan 4th, 2011 by Rob Smith, Jr.

The West Palm Beach, Florida, story below makes me crazy!!! Brief comments below!


Ibis HOA wants to remove 168 oak trees

by Andrew Abramson

Al Vazquez, chairman of West Palm Beach’s Green Task Force, wishes his neighborhood had the same luscious oak trees that line the streets in Ibis, an upscale West Palm community west of I-95 off Northlake Boulevard. So Vazquez was stunned to learn that Ibis officials were planning to remove 168 oak trees and replace them with palm trees.

“We should be so lucky,” Vazquez said. “What these people want to be removed is just insane.”

Read the rest of the story by clicking here.


Remove that canopy of trees and the folks in that subdivision will watch their air conditioning bills double or triple. Palms of any kind cannot provide the shade and cooling an oak can.

Sounds like realtors at work here. Nothing costs tax payers more than realtors, road builders and developers trying to make a buck.

And who would vote for a candidate dumb enough to buy a home in a swamp, which is what all of those western neighborhoods were just a handful of years ago.

Big Surprise as GOP & Dems try to thwart Floridians say.
Nov 4th, 2010 by Rob Smith, Jr.

I tried to tell folks that Amendments 5 & 6 & 4 were for us citizens to have a say in Government. I actually had a builder tell me he didn’t want 4 to pass because he didn’t want people in the way of his making money from Government projects.

Here we see with 5 & 6 passing and the Democrats and Republicans are challenging our vote, as if they aren’t one of us. They don’t want the people in the way of gerrymandering. We citizens need to make sure they are NOT successful. Only we can keep these political parties in line. After all, whether they like it or not, they are us!

Here’s the story:

US reps. challenge Florida’s redistricting law

Two members of Congress on Wednesday challenged a new amendment to the Florida Constitution that sets rules for drawing congressional districts in Florida, just hours after it was approved by voters.

U.S. Reps. Corrine Brown, D-Fla., and Mario Diaz-Balart, R-Fla., filed a lawsuit challenging Amendment 6 in federal court in Miami. The lawsuit asks that the amendment be declared invalid and stopped from being enforced.

Florida voters on Tuesday approved Amendments 5 and 6 by 62 percent of the vote. Amendment 5 sets rules for drawing legislative districts but it is ignored in the lawsuit.

Read more:

August 24, 2010 – Home Invasion
Aug 25th, 2010 by Rob Smith, Jr.


We have been pummeled in Florida by political phone calls. Specifically what are known as “robo-calls”, which are automated phone calls where you pick up the phone and no one is there except some digitally enhanced voice hawking some candidate. I’ve been fuming about it. It wasn’t until I saw Facebook posts about the issue from three friends (G.K. Sharman, Jennifer Huber & I can’t remember who the other is) that I realized I wasn’t alone and made this cartoon.

August 15, 2010 – War in Afghaniatsn
Aug 15th, 2010 by Rob Smith, Jr.

Bob Schieffer on ‘Face the Nation’ spoke today of his friend Melvin Laird, former Defense Secretary of Nixon’s from 1969 to 1973, who speaks concern of America’s war in Afghanistan. His concern if that we are looking to Nationalize a country that lives as autonomous tribes.

I agree and it is why we will eventually fail in Afghanistan. Our country continues to view the rest of the planet as something to Americanize. It’s a nice idea, but as Paul Harvey always said: We are not one world. To pretend that people can be just like us is to make the fatal errors we made with the American indians.

I’ve been studying the fate of the Florida Seminoles in the past few months and it is astounding how stupid our country was to marginalize a group and throw money to solve a perceived problem. All we ended up doing is move around a “problem” for real estate investors with the American people holding the purse. Too many taxpayer dollars disappeared into various Government projects claiming to be for the American indians but really went to buy and sell land and large drainage projects.

The similarity is that the Seminoles wanted nothing to do with the American government, it’s money or it’s land. After a few decades of pushing, the Seminoles took it and found themselves addicted to government money. I’m concerned we’re doing it again in Iraq and Afghanistan. Democracies are good, but that is not the culture these folks live. Though it may happen to some extent initially, in the end these countries are sure to be as they have for centuries.

I would love to see more freedom and democracy, but let’s clean up our own area within our own borders first… one being by firmly establishing our own borders…. before dictating others… that is, IF even we can.

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